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What Came Before!? Ori Ode

What is destiny!! What is Ori?!!! How was my destiny chosen?! Am I on the right path!!

The Yoruba translation for Ori means, “ The Head.” However, the concept of Ori means much more than just the head or the peak of the home. Ifa shows in the Odu Ifa that ori is truly an extension of Olodumare. Our Ori is the connection to destiny , the cosmos, and all Òrìsà. In essence Ori is the Sim card for every human being.

In Orun before we depart for Ikole Aye- Earth our sim card called Destiny is divinely encoded with these three key elements.

  1. Akunleyan: In preparation to enter this marketplace of life (Aye/Earth) we go through a process called Akunleyan. During this time we choose the traits, moral ideas, and potentials that truly make us unique. Our dislikes and Ewo (taboos) are also chosen at this stage of creation. ( What was chosen while kneeling down.)

  2. Akunlegba: Is where Orunmila and the other Irunmole deliberate on what to add to the Ori Ode at the Celestial Order of Onibode. Here we are given the virtues and spices of our ancestors that add to the growth of our destiny on Earth. Akunlegba gives us Akunleyan passion and helps to drive the Ayanmo creation. (Things given to us to help achieve our desires.)

  3. Ayanmo: Oloduamre, at this stage imparts the divine code within our destiny. (Ori Ode/ Oke Iponri.) Some examples of Ayanmo are: Race, family, biological parents, features and other rules which Olodumare ordained.

With understanding these stages we can begin to recall the map we choose from Orun-heaven . Ancestral veneration, Ibori ( Communing with Ori) are a few ways to connect. But to truly reactivate the sim card inside called Ori it's imperative that we connect with Orunmila. Using The Ifa Oracle we can connect with the witness of choosing destiny to recall what we choose at Ori Ode!!

To learn more about your Ori choices schedule a time

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