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Divine Motion is an Egbeawo (Collective of Awo) who are based in Hyattsville, MD. Together, we often gather for events and ceremonies to learn, worship and praise the Orisa. Divine Motion works under the Umbrella of Ijo Ifa Ogunda Masa an Esin Ibile Orisa Temple. 


Here at Divine Motion we practice Esin Ibile also known as Isese Lagba or Traditional Ifa Orisa worship. Ijo Ifa Ogunda Masa in conjunction with Divine Motion is headed by Oluwo Ifalowo Adeola.


oluwo Ifalowo Ojose Adeola

Agbongbon Ifalowo Ojose Adéolá (Marshall Hair Jr.) hails from the Tampa area and resides in Hyattsville, MD where he is the Oluwo of Ijo Ifa Ogunda Masa, an Isese based Ile. Ifalowo and Iyalode Ifabunmi Adeola’s head mission is to help provide the good condition for all Orisa adherents. Baba Ifalowo was raised in the COGIC faith but transitioned to the Orisa tradition at the age of fifteen years old. Falowo's first encounter with the Orisa was through a western diasporic form of Isese. Through his journey into Isese, he found his way to Nigeria to further his studies in Ifa and to initiate into his priesthood. Baba Ifalowo is both a practicing Awo/Babalawo and Babalorisa Obatala whose mission is to assist all his akapo (students) reach their highest potential and position here on Earth (Aye). He is a full-time working priest and teacher and the founder of, instructs bi-weekly lectures of Ifa and Orisa, helping those who are interested in learning more about Isese and helping initiates be well versed in foundational information that helps them become better practitioners. Baba Ifalowo is a  member of the Ogboni International Society and received a chieftaincy title where he is known as the Oluwo Iledi Omoyeni /iii\.

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Iyalode Ifabunmi Adeola

Ìyánífá Ifábunmí Adétutu Efùntólá Ośuntòyín Ómò Níjogùn Adéolá (Trinice McNally) hails from London, England by way of Jamaica and grew up in Miami, Fl. Ìyá is an educator, creative and organizer committed to the liberation of oppressed people. 

She believes in the collective power of harnessing African Diasporic Traditions, Transnational organizing and Cultural work to educate, mobilize and inspire societal change. Ìyá believes in living on purpose and loves helping people find and live in alignment with their destiny. She’s most passionate about developing strategies, and curating spaces for aborisa and initiates to study, transform and heal. Iya Fabunmi was raised in the pentecostal faith but transitioned into diasporic Orisa traditions in her late twenties. She is preparing to transition into a full-time  practicing Ìyáloriśa (Obatala, Osun & Egbe) and she currently works alongside her husband in assisting their Akapo (students) reach their highest potential and position here on Earth (Aye).

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