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Don’t you know that the mouth is capable of causing the destruction of Ori?

"Dig deeper, push through, don't give in".....are easy words to bark out. We all at times sit at the crossroads waiting to make a move. However, depression, lack of drive, willpower and/or follow-through on top of the ever-present anxiety of the world weighing on us, makes us feel that we can't make a move. Or maybe it's the things we tell ourselves? "I am not enough", "It's too hard to move", "I wish I could choose another destiny". It's extremely important for us to remember that Ọfò Aṣe can deplete our opportunity of progress. Ọfò Ase is believed to be the power of the tongue or the words we speak. The simple saying "Speak Life Not Death" holds true weight and can even make a path for our hidden Ire to come forward. The Divine Motion we all seek will never flow until Self is pleased and you can start that process today by simply speaking Life into your life!!! Let's look to the Odu Ika Òtúrá which shows how the mouth brought death to Ori. If Orí is taken care of, Olodumare is pleased, the Irúnmolè/Orisa are making moves for our good. The Egungun is adding more cloth and Ẹgbẹ is creating true connection's we know as our Tribe. This is the divine destiny for all of us, Ire gbogbo !!! Ìká Iparo (Ìká Òtúrá): Ika tuatua Awo Enu Dia fun Enu Ni’joto nlo ree se’ku pa Ori Ebo ni woni ko wa se Eyino gbono Eyino m’oran Eyino mo’pe Enu nii se’ku pa Ori ni? Translation: Ika and Otura, the Awo of Enu (the mouth) They were the Awo who cast Ifa for the mouth When going to cause the death of Ori He was advised to offer ebo You are not wise enough You are not knowledgeable enough Don’t you know that the mouth is capable of causing the destruction of Ori? Àbórú àbóyé àbósíse

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I needed to read this today! Thank you Baba

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